Sunday, 13 August 2017

Twenty things I've learnt before I turned twenty...

My teenage years are almost up, here are twenty things I've learnt along the way....

1) Always carry a pound coin for lockers, trolleys etc
2) Go with your gut feeling
3) Mashed potato has way more calories than you think
4) Not all situations need a reaction
5) If in doubt don't do it
6) Double check your social media privacy settings
7) Take photos
8) People don't like being laughed at
9) Don't be afraid to go to the doctors if you need to
10) Don't text anything you wouldn't say in real life
11) Act like an adult, be treated like an adult
12) Just eat the cake
13) Emmerdale will teach you so much more than you expect
14) Remember to take your phone charger on holiday
15) Black socks always seem to go missing
16) Never give anyone your passwords
17) Popping a bar of soap in your drawer will make everything smell lovely
18) Check your receipts against your bank accounts every month
19) Don't skip meals
20) Take your make up off before bed

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

The morning after pill...what's going on?

BPAS has asked Boots and other pharmacies to reduce the price of the morning after pill.

A branded form of the emergency contraception, Levonelle, costs £28.25 in Boots, and its non-branded version is £26.75.
Levonelle costs £13.50 at Tesco.
Superdrug charges £27 for Levonelle and the non branded version is £13.49. 

That's a lot of money.

The morning after pill costs up to five times as much as in other parts of Europe.

This means that some women are unable to afford emergency contraception if they feel they are unable to visit their GP or aren't able to get an appointment. It's also mainly women who purchase the morning after pill, so the pricing is unfair and sexist.

Boots' response to it's high price was that it was trying to guard against "incentivising inappropriate use." and getting complaints. So in summary they don't trust women to make choices about their own bodies. And are more concerned about their reputation amongst uneducated anti-contraceptionists than the wellbeing of the female population.

MP Yvette Cooper tweeted Boots that: "This is patronising and pathetic - keeping emergency contraception price too high cos you don't trust women and are scared of critics."

Boots have since responded to criticism by saying  it is looking for cheaper alternatives to the Levonelle brand and has "sincerely apologised for its poor choice of words over the emergency contraception pricing."

Please remember that if you need access to emergency contraception it is often free on the NHS, please read the information below...

The morning after pill is free on the NHS at GP surgeries, most NHS walk-in centres and urgent care centres. However in some parts of the country the morning after pill is only available to women of a certain age.

The morning after pill is available free of charge on the NHS from pharmacies, GPs and sexual health clinics.

The morning after pill is free from sexual health clinics, GPs and some pharmacies.

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Did you know that abortion is a crime?

Doctors have backed decriminalising abortion.

Yes, we are talking about the UK.

In the United Kingdom, having an abortion is a crime if a woman doesn't have permission from a doctor.

Permission is only obtained if a pregnant woman can "prove to a doctor that carrying on with the pregnancy is detrimental to health or wellbeing"

We shouldn't need 'permission' to make decisions on our health. Or make any decisions about our bodies for that matter.

Guidance, yes. Permission, no.

Of course abortion needs to be regulated for it to be safe, but a women shouldn't have to explain their reasons for making such a complex and sensitive decision.

For example, a anti-choice male doctor could just say "no I don't think you need an abortion".
She could of course ask for a second opinion, but what if that "no" left her too traumatised and scared to ask again.

This really needs sorting.

Have a beautiful day x


Is this one step forward for abortion provision for Northern Irish women?

I have previously written about Northern Ireland's damaging abortion laws, and it remains my most popular post.

Today there has been an update on this issue.
Northern Irish women will now be able to have an abortion free on the NHS. Currently if an woman in Northern Ireland wants an abortion she has to travel to the mainland and be treated in a private centre. This is expensive, often costing £1,400, time consuming and traumatic.

Northern Irish women pay taxes towards healthcare and are UK citizens so this is a small celebration. However, abortion services really should be available in Northern Ireland so that women don't have to travel. If a women is vulnerable, for example in an abusive relationship or part of an anti-abortion household, traveling for a long period of time could be risking her life.

Life aren't pleased at all. 
But I'm not going to give those anti-choice trashcans any publicity.

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Emmerdale: Rhona's story

Those who watch Emmerdale will know that Rhona's recent story involves domestic violence leading up to rape by her husband Pierce on their wedding night. Overall I would say that Emmerdale are doing a fabulous job and have clearly done very thorough research. Both Zoe Henry who plays Rhona and Jonathon Wrather who plays Pierce have done a phenomenal job at portraying their respective characters. Every time Pierce is on screen it makes my skin crawl and I want to reach into the TV to pull Rhona to safety.

Emmerdale are trying to strike the important balance between the story being realistic, as only 2% of rapists are convicted and so much victim blaming occurs in courts, and encouraging women to come forward about their experiences.

As soon as Rhona confided in her friends Vanessa, Paddy and Marlon about her rape they instantly believed her. They also didn't shy away from hugging her and Vanessa fiercely protected Rhona from Pierce when she found him in her house. I think this is such an important message to send.

However, the episode on Friday showed a massive flaw in. When questioned by police, Pierce lied and said that Rhona had been "off her face" on alcohol and painkillers so would be unable to remember what had happened. He continued to paint her as unstable throughout the interview, talking extensively about her painkiller addiction which had actually only reemerged after the rape.

She was intoxicated.
She could not consent.
That is rape.

He was let go without charge, after confessing to rape, because the sex he described wasn't consensual.

However, the blame lies with the UK court system and not Emmerdale, as unfortunately a disgusting amount of gas lighting a victim blaming occurs when a rape is reported.
As Rhona says "We're married, and I know that shouldn't matter...but it does.", it's a sad fact that so many people looking from the outside will say, 'he didn't rape you, he's your husband.' So I invite those thick, ignorant specimens to watch the episodes of Emmerdale leading up to the rape and see if you would be happy for yourself, your family or your friends to be treated that way.

I massively applaud everyone involved in this frighteningly real story line and all the actors involved, thank you for shedding light on such an important and taboo issue.

Have a beautiful day x

If you have been affected by the scenes in Emmerdale, support can be found through Rape Crisis’ website or via their confidential helpline on 0808 802 9999.


Saturday, 17 June 2017

Gender colouring

"I haven't bought anything for the baby yet because I don't know if it's a boy or a girl so I don't know what colour clothes to get."

Why not?
All colours are unisex.

89% of toys aimed at girls are pink.
31% of toys aimed at boys had a STEM focus.

Children learn through play, so restricting the choices of both girls and boys isn't helpful.
On the other hand, forcing children to play with toys traditionally for the opposite sex if they don't want to isn't helpful either.

However, due to publicity on this issue, this is getting much better.

Let Toys Be Toys is a campaign "asking the toy and publishing industries to stop limiting children’s interests by promoting some toys and books as only suitable for girls, and others only for boys." The campaign sent mystery shoppers around the UK to look for 'Girls toys' and 'Boys toys' signs. They only found two, both in Tesco, who have said that they no longer use these signs. 

21% of shops online still use gender to sort toys, although this is a 70% since 2012.
This is still a massive pink/blue divide in toy stores.

The Early learning Centre was the only retailer showing images of boys with dolls in their catalogue but sorted toys by gender online. 
So toys pictured with boys disappear when the ‘boys’ filter is used.
One step forward, then one step back.

Just let children be how they want to be.

Have a beautiful day x